Frequently Asked Questions

It is simple and easy to get in touch with the First Choice Cars® team. Simply click on the contact us link at the top of the first-choice car’s website. From there, you can select from a variety of different contact options.
First Choice Cars® constantly offers an array of promotions and deals. Enquire in-store or browse the promotions section of our website to see what is currently available.
  • We have been in the used car field since 2004; we have vast experience in the Gulf region in the automotive industry
  • We BUY | SELL | TRADE-IN any vehicle (Luxury Vehicles, SUVs, Sedans, 4WD, Sports Cars, and Commercial Vehicles).
  • We buy any car around the U.A.E.
  • We always stock a good range of vehicles from all brands. Our stock includes a wide range of options (Luxury Vehicles, SUVs, Sedans, 4WD, Sports Cars, and Commercial Vehicles).
The cars we sell come from our current customers in the GCC region. This includes private motorists who trade in their vehicle when buying another high-quality used car from us. others come from trusted car rental businesses, government institutions, auctions, and business fleet owners that want to sell and upgrade
Yes. all cars come with a two-year warranty as standard. This is a way for us to demonstrate the level of confidence in the longevity of our vehicles, along with the importance of providing our clients with peace of mind.
Yes, every car we sell comes with a complimentary service warranty for 24 months or 40,000 kilometers (whichever comes first); if the remaining manufacturer warranty covers you for longer than this, it is transferred to you. You can also extend the contract up to three years or 60,000 kilometers for an additional charge for peace of mind. Terms and conditions apply.
Ensure you don't spend a penny on repairs of essential items covered by our warranty post-purchase. The warranty covers vital parts of your car based on a comprehensive inspection report. The Warranty Booklet will be delivered at the time of delivery. The warranty is auto-activated once the vehicle is delivered, commencing from the date of vehicle registration.
Warranty applies only to the parts mentioned in the Warranty Booklet. Any accidental or consequential damages will not be covered under this warranty.
As the warranty is between first choice cars and you, it cannot be transferred to another vehicle, as selling the car makes it invalid.
That’s good thinking! For the warranty to continue being valid, the buyer must ensure…
Any car servicing is done through authorized service centers (location and contact details provided in the warranty booklet)
Only genuine parts are used for replacements during service and repairs
Manufacturer recommended service schedule is followed
All service or repair receipts are kept handy for verification
Please refer to the warranty booklet received for detailed terms and conditions at delivery.
We’re hoping you never need to do this, but in case you do, your warranty booklet will have detailed steps and the helpline numbers of the authorized service centers, who will assist you through the process.
An ‘accident car’ is a vehicle that has been involved in a collision that has caused significant damage to the main chassis or frame. We do not sell accident cars at any of our retail sites.
We inspect every car inside and out to see what work is needed to return it to showroom condition. sometimes this means making minor repairs to scratches on the body
Not necessarily. Sometimes a repaint is required to return a car to its best condition as minor scratches and dents are unavoidable.
Alongside a routine service, we will complete checks across the rest of the car to look for faults that need repairing. We will also make sure that everything is working as it should be for your peace of mind.
Not necessarily. We replace the four main tires if the tread depth is less than 3.0 mm and if they are more than four years old. The spare tire is replaced if it does not meet the approved RTA standards.
We will inspect the brake pads and discs during our pre-sale 99-point inspection and replace them if the thickness is below the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines.
First Choice Cars® is an emerging company. Since its conception in 2004, first choice cars have paired thousands of people in the UAE with their dream cars; first choice cars have developed more straightforward yet efficient ways of buying and selling used cars. First Choice Cars® are specialists in the used car niche. We always aim to offer great value for money and trustworthy advice to give you peace of mind. There is a car for every budget in our stock, and our friendly sales team will help you find the right vehicle for you. We pride ourselves on quality by ensuring our cars undergo a 99-point vehicle inspection to ensure safety and longevity, with any issues fully rectified before sale. Each vehicle comes with a one-year warranty and a mileage authentication certificate.
  • Tap the 'buy car' link at the top of the First Choice cars website. You can browse first choice cars’ inventory of premium used vehicles. You can refine your search by selecting your make, model, and year preferences along with your budget range.
  • once you have refined your search, you can click on any car listing to find out more information.
  • Once you have found a vehicle you like, you can reserve or purchase it quickly and easily by clicking ‘book car’ to the right of the listing. Next, you’ll be asked to select how you intend to purchase the vehicle; You can then choose whether you’d like to buy the car outright, either in cash or apply for car finance, and trade in with your existing vehicle. Once you have made your selection. You will be asked to pay a deposit to reserve the car. You can use our online payment system to book your vehicle instantly or pay in full to complete your purchase online.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the first-choice cars team, who are on hand to provide assistance and answer any questions.
Once you have found a vehicle you like, you can easily book a test drive by clicking the 'book a test drive' option located to the right of every listing on the first choice cars website. Alternatively, you can give us a call or get in touch via social media platform to request a test drive.
Yes, you can. We encourage our customers to check the car in-depth and test-drive it to understand if it is the right car. You may also request the sales team to share a fully customized video of the car you short-listed to get a detailed view of the car. This will assist you in your decision-making.
All online vehicle reservations are subject to viewing. If you’re not satisfied with the vehicle, your online deposit is fully refundable upon viewing. Alternatively, you can transfer the online deposit for any other car of your choice.
There are many reasons why opting for a used car is the common-sense option. Most people choose to buy a used car because of the savings that can be made. A typical new car will lose a large percentage of its value from the moment you drive it off the forecourt, making it a wrong financial decision for many. Often a higher spec car is available second-hand for the same price as its brand-new counterpart, meaning you get more. What’s more, it is also a more environmentally considerate option.
Yes. First choice cars do offer a delivery service. You can have your new vehicle delivered to your front doorstep at a time and date of your convenience.
We service UAE and the greater GCC area. Special arrangements can be made to export vehicles to other locations. Enquire in-store to find out more.
No. the right premium used car can be an excellent investment that can serve you for years to come. Sadly, middle eastern used car marketing is riddled with malpractice, and it can be hard to know how reliable a car is unless you know what to look out for. It is so essential to opt for a trusted, reputable dealership.
First choice cars specialize in premium used cars. Typically, these are Japanese, Korean, European, or American vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Maserati, Bentley, ford, range rover, mini, etc.
We will always share the complete vehicle information and service history available from past owners.
We offer finance through partnerships with many leading UAE banks and other financial providers for used cars. Because of our scale, we enjoy the most competitive rates available. Bank terms and conditions apply.
First choice cars are specialists in the used-car niche. Our reputation and network allow us to pair premium used vehicles with buyers promptly. We take care of all of the formalities on your behalf to create a smooth and headache-free process from start to finish.
FIRST CHOICE CARS offers same-day cash, so you’ll get your money straight away. We also provide an array of different payment methods to suit your requirements.
It is simple and easy to boost the resale value of your vehicle. Ensuring it is clean, well-maintained, and dent-free is the best place to start. Ensuring you have all of the car’s documentation and a warranty certificate is another way to ensure your vehicle is attractive to buyers.
Yes. There is an alternative option. We can sell your car on your behalf via a consignment. This allows you to display your vehicle in the First Choice cars showroom and benefit from our online advertising. Enquire to find out more.
Yes. First choice cars offer trade-in services to those wishing to buy a car with us. All you need to do is provide us with your vehicle's make, model, year, and mileage. You’ll be asked to bring the car in for an inspection. This is typically done when you view the vehicle you intend to swap it for.
  • Tap the 'sell car' link at the top of the First Choice cars website. You can input all necessary information about your vehicle, including make, model, color, year, and mileage. In addition, you may also attach photos.
  • once this has been submitted, a First Choice Cars team member will be in touch with you in due course.
You must bring the following documents with you to the appointment:
  • Emirates ID, Driving License, Passport copy, or any other government-issued ID
  • Original/Electronic Registration Card (Mulkiya)
  • Both sets of car keys (if available).
  • Service history book
  • Bank details for an account in the name of the registered owner
  • If the vehicle has any finance outstanding, we will require a letter with the settlement figure from the finance company.
The price valuations given through our website CarBuyingPeople.com are valuations based on the information on the car you give us. It is not a price offer from us to buy your car.
Before we offer to buy any car, we always conduct a physical inspection at an agreed location. You can make an appointment for an inspection after you have received a price estimate (valuation).
Its history and respective condition determine the value of a car. This includes unusual features and customization, which may not have been apparent when we estimated the value online. Thus, the online valuation could differ from the price we will offer following a physical inspection.
Our online valuations are market value indications. Before any purchase, our skilled experts' assessment of your car will be necessary.
Any aspect of a car’s history and unique features significantly influences its price. As we cannot see certain vehicle features online, the value offered online might differ from the final price.
Our valuations are valid for 72 hours, subject to no material changes with the vehicle.
You can turn up at one of our locations during operating hours without an appointment; however, we recommend making appointments to minimize your waiting time.
Yes, we provide a service to collect/pick up your car anywhere in the UAE.
No, your online valuation and onsite inspection are entirely free, regardless of whether you choose to sell your car. You are not obliged to sell your vehicle to us.
Yes. If you are selling on behalf of a relative or friend, we require that you get an authorization letter (i.e., Power of attorney (POA) Attested from the notary public of UAE; overseas power of attorney must be legalized) from the vehicle’s registered owner. The payment and transaction details need to match the owner’s name on the vehicle’s title. We also need a government-issued ID of the owner and the person selling the car on their behalf.
Yes. It is possible to sell a company car.
You must bring the following documents with you to the appointment:
  • An authorization sale letter in Arabic signed and stamped by the company's authorized signatory on the corporate letterhead.
  • Company's authorized signatory (Emirates ID & Passport copy with Visa page)
  • Company Memorandum of association Copy (original)
  • Company trade license copy
  • Original/Electronic Registration Card (Mulkiya)
  • Both sets of car keys, if available.
  • Service history book
  • If the vehicle has any finance outstanding, we will require a letter with the settlement figure from the finance company.
Yes, we buy cars whether or not they are currently running.
However, we will value the vehicle, factoring in the work required to be operational again.
We can arrange a settlement of any outstanding finance on your car. Please note that you will need to provide a valid letter detailing a current settlement figure from your finance company/bank. The settlement amount will be deducted from the amount paid to you for your car. We will settle your outstanding amount.
Regarding Dubai specifically, this process differs between those visiting and those who are residents and citizens.
If you are visiting Dubai and wish to rent a vehicle, it is advisable to apply for an international driving permit.
If you are a resident in Dubai, the process of converting a pre-existing driving license issued in another country varies depending on your nationality. There is no requirement to take a driving test if you are a license-holder from one of the following 35 countries to attain a UAE driver’s license.
It is worth noting that Canadian citizens require a letter from the consulate. Also, licenses from the following countries will need to be translated:
Greece, Canada, Poland, Turkey, Japan, and Korea will also be required to get a translated copy of their driving license.
If you are not from one of the countries mentioned above, you will need to complete a driving test to get a UAE driving license.
Getting a valid driving license in Dubai is typically a straightforward process.
the applicant should be over 18 years of age.
The applicant should be medically fit.
opening a traffic file in one of the registered driving centers in the related emirates.
Conducting an eye test at any center approved by the traffic department.
Completing all required driving classes. They are passing all tests set by the related traffic department.
I am obtaining a driving license from the traffic authority.
Copy of passport and residence visa page.
Copy and original emirates id card.
Two photographs.
Eye test report.
The sponsor has no objection letter (if required by the related traffic department).
'Salik' is an Arabic word that translates directly to ‘clear and moving.’ It is also the name assigned to Dubai’s digital toll system. This automated infrastructure utilizes toll gates that automatically deduct a fee when passed. This is used to reduce congestion on certain roads in Dubai.
The maximum speed limit varies depending on where you are in Dubai and which road you are driving on. There is some leeway if you go slightly over the speed limit; however, it is strongly advised that you always stick as closely to the speed limit as possible. There are many speed cameras, so you are very likely to get caught and automatically fined if you do speed.
Like any significant city, Dubai can become congested at times and in places. Congestion levels are mitigated by things such as the Salik toll.
Due to commuter traffic, it is advisable to avoid traveling during rush hours, typically between 7:00 am-9:00 am and 5:00 pm-7:00 pm in the evenings. You can also steer clear of parts of the city prone to congestion and check ahead of your journey for any road traffic accidents.
The cost of fines can change frequently, so it is advisable to keep an eye on the RTA for any updates.
The UAE maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy when driving under the influence. If you have any alcohol in your system, you may face severe penalties. Drivers should have a 0.00 blood alcohol reading at all times.
No. crime levels in the UAE are relatively low compared to many other developed parts of the world, and car crime is no exception. However, reasonable precautions should still be taken to safeguard your vehicle.
Although the UAE’s weather is typically consistently clear and sunny, conditions such as fog, rain, and sand storms can reduce visibility. As a result, it is essential to take extra care while driving in such situations. This can include reducing your speed and maintaining a greater distance between your vehicle and the car ahead.
  • Use the “three-second rule” under normal road and weather conditions:
    when the vehicle ahead of you passes a certain point, such as a sign, count “one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three.”
    Counting these numbers takes approximately three seconds. If you pass the same point before you finish counting, you are following too closely.
  • In low visibility situations like in bad weather, increase this rule to the “five-second-rule “:
    consider this in sand/dust storms, fog, or rain
  • Use common sense and use the “five-second rule in dangerous situations – this gives you time to react (think tire debris on highways!).
  • Give plenty of space to motorcycles, as they are more vulnerable
  • High-end cars often come with a distance warning system and even ‘adaptive cruise controls’ – consider this in your purchase decision and activate this functionality
Previously, window tinting was banned in the UAE. Then the law was changed, and 30 percent was allowed. In 2017, the Federal Traffic Law revised again. Now, people can tint their windows to 50 percent. However, taxis and trucks are not allowed to tint their windows to 50 percent.
However, the front windscreen cannot be tinted. If you are a car rental company or providing fleet services, you can also tint to 50 percent. Make sure that you do not exceed the limit. Otherwise, you can expect a hefty fine from the traffic police. Enjoy your summers, but get your windows tinted to escape the summer heat.
Parking in UAE is relatively abundant in most areas. The amount you pay can depend on which parking zone you are in. there are many ways to pay, including by cash, prepaid card, via the ‘m-parking’ SMS, and the smart app.
The drivers caught driving on the hard shoulder will be fined AED 1,000 and the penalty of six black points on their driving licenses. Moreover, their vehicles will also be confiscated for 30 days.
Yes, throwing litter and wrappers outside a vehicle is one of the lesser-known driving offenses in the UAE. You need to pay AED 1,000 as a fine, and six black points will also be added to your driver’s license.
All passengers in UAE must wear a seatbelt while in a moving car. Wearing seatbelts can protect a driver and passengers from injuries during accidents. Those who fail to follow the rule will face AED 400 as a fine, and four black points will be added to their driving license.
Moreover, children more than four years old must be provided with a child safety seat. If not, the violator will have to pay AED 400 fine and receive four black points. Also, a 10-year-old kid with at least 4.7 height is allowed to sit on a front passenger seat after wearing a seatbelt.
According to Article 32 of the Federal Traffic Law, using a mobile phone while driving is categorized under distracted driving, incurring a fine of Dh800 and four black points on your driving license. UAE. Recently installed unique cameras to detect those committing this offense and automatically issued a fine.
Yes. It is simple and easy to hire a driver in Dubai. You can hire a driver daily, monthly, and weekly basis. It is a popular option for those who do not feel confident driving on the roads. There is an array of driver services available to suit various budgets and requirements.
The main difference between a GCC spec car and other cars is that a GCC spec car has been designed for the UAE’s roads. This means that your car will have an additional protective layer for corrosion, which is very important in Dubai due to the saltwater in the air during certain seasons.
One of the critical differences between GCC spec cars and other models is the air conditioning system which needs to be more potent than systems in other non-GCC vehicles due to the extreme heat here in UAE.
GCC spec cars must also be built with higher materials because they are more exposed to extreme conditions. Also, GCC spec cars must have more safety features than other vehicles. Depending on your car's design, they will usually include seat belts for all seats and airbags in front or rear seats.
You can find more information about it on the official page
Official Source: https://www.gso.org.sa/en/conformity/conformity-certificates-authentication/
Although they can sometimes be cheaper to purchase, American/Japanese cars do not typically meet GCC specifications as standard. This means they can be more predisposed to breaking down or experiencing technical issues. All FIRST-CHOICE CARS vehicles are GCC-compliant.
There are a few minor details that you can look out for to help ascertain whether or not a car is non-GCC, such as:
Check the car’s wing mirrors. If the text on the mirror is in Arabic, the vehicle is likely GCC- compliant. If it is in English or another language, it is likely non-GCC.
GCC-compliant cars must have details about the vehicle, such as car model and year, on the driver’s seat door.
Several things can be done to maintain and protect your car in the UAE. these include:
Regularly check the tread on your wheels. The hot temperatures that the UAE can experience throughout the year can erode them.
Regularly get your brakes inspected.
Replace your windscreen wipers regularly to avoid scratching your windshield.
Protect your paintwork with car-wrapping.
Ensure your vehicle gets serviced regularly.
FIRST CHOICE CARS can assist you with these services. Enquire online or in-store.
This can entirely depend on the vehicle’s spec, model, and history. Aspects such as whether the car is GCC-compliant or not or if the vehicle has previously been involved in a road traffic accident can all have a bearing on this. It is also noted that exporting such cars may void any warranties or service contracts. For peace of mind, many opt for a GCC-compliant car; it is a commonplace to find both American and Japanese imported vehicles in the UAE. for peace of mind, many opt for a GCC-compliant car. All First Choice cars vehicles are GCC-compliant.
The laws about driving in Dubai are stringent, which helps maintain high driving standards and overall road safety.