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Used Commercial Vehicles For Sale in UAE

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We offer a Wide Selection of Cheap Used Commercial Vehicles in the UAE.

A reliable commercial vehicle can significantly increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, from transporting workers to delivering goods. First Choice Cars believe that SMEs are the backbone of a healthy economy and a dynamic community. We want to support the growth of every business in the UAE by providing them with the best mobility solutions. As a leading provider of used commercial vehicles in UAE, we follow a holistic approach to connect your businesses with the right vehicle(s) that will propel your success. 

In our extensive selection of used commercial vehicles for sale, you may find:

  • Cargo Van

  • Delivery Van

  • Pickup Van

  • Chiller Van

  • Freezer Van

  • Passenger Van

  • Passenger Bus

  • Freezer Pickup

  • Chiller Pickup

  • Recovery Truck

First Choice Cars is your go-to destination for a wide range of top-quality options, specializing in commercial used vans and cars that meet your business needs. 

We pride ourselves on being the premier destination for those seeking commercial used vans for sale in Sharjah and Dubai. Our extensive inventory includes a variety of brands, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your business requirements. Explore our collection of versatile and sturdy vehicles, ranging from Mitsubishi Canter to reliable Toyota pickups.

Commercial Used Vans and Trucks in UAE

  • Discover a diverse selection of used trucks for sale in UAE at our dealership, including options in Dubai and Sharjah.

  • Find the ideal delivery van for sale in Dubai or a dependable used van for sale in UAE to enhance your business's logistics.

  • Explore our inventory of used heavy trucks for sale in UAE, catering to businesses with demanding transport needs.

  • For those in need of a compact solution, check out our range of mini cargo used vans for sale that offer efficiency without compromising on cargo space.

Specialized Commercial Vehicles

  • Browse through our selection of freezer vans for sale and chiller vans for sale in UAE to ensure the safe transport of perishable goods.

  • We offer a variety of second-hand pickup trucks for sale in the UAE, catering to different load-carrying capacities.

  • Businesses requiring reliable recovery vehicles can explore our collection, including the sought-after Mitsubishi Canter recovery for sale in UAE.

Unmatched Variety and Quality

  • Our dealership is not only a hub for commercial vehicle sales but also specializes in pre-owned light commercial vehicles that combine affordability with quality.

  • For those looking to expand their fleet, we provide the best commercial vehicles in UAE, with a focus on reliability and performance.

Customer-Centric Approach

  • As a trusted used commercial vehicle dealer, we ensure transparency and professionalism in all our transactions.

  • Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect vehicle, with a wide range of options from used mini work vans for sale to commercial trucks for sale.

Diverse Range of Commercial Vehicles

  • If you're on the lookout for a robust workhorse, explore our inventory of heavy-duty trucks for sale that includes options for both Dubai and Sharjah customers.

  • Our selection extends to specialized vehicles like semi-trucks for sale and reliable work trucks for sale, meeting the demands of various industries.

  • We take pride in offering an extensive lineup of commercial used cars, providing businesses with affordable yet dependable options for their operational needs.

Tailored Solutions for Business Owners

  • Discover the flexibility of our used pickup for sale in UAE, catering to businesses that require reliable and efficient transport solutions.

  • For businesses involved in delivery services, our range of delivery vans for sale and used cargo vans for sale presents ideal options.

  • Explore our collection of utility vans for sale, offering versatility and practicality for a range of commercial applications.

Premium Commercial Vehicles

  • At First Choice Cars, we go beyond standard offerings, providing a curated selection of the best small pickup trucks used for sale to cater to the specific needs of smaller businesses.

  • Our commitment to quality is evident in our inventory of pre-owned cargo vans, ensuring that businesses acquire vehicles that deliver both performance and durability.

  • For businesses requiring spacious options, our inventory includes high-roof cargo vans for sale and long-wheelbase vans for sale.

Unparalleled Variety in Commercial Vehicles

  • We pride ourselves on being a one-stop destination, offering everything from automatic semi-trucks for sale to used commercial vans for sale in Dubai.

  • Our dealership is equipped to handle the diverse needs of businesses, providing options like second-hand caddy vans for sale and used hiace vans for sale.

Convenience and Accessibility

  • First Choice Cars is strategically located, making it convenient for customers looking for "commercial vehicle sales near me." Our commitment is to provide accessibi

    lity and quality in one package.
  • Explore our lineup of fleet trucks for sale, offering businesses the advantage of streamlining their operations with a reliable and uniform fleet.

Expert Guidance and Financing Options

  • As your trusted commercial used auto traders, our team is here to provide expert guidance, ensuring that you make an informed decision that aligns with your business objectives.

  • Benefit from our expertise in providing commercial vehicle financing options, facilitating the process of acquiring the vehicles you need to propel your business forward.

What brands do we stock?

With First Choice Cars, you can find the best Used Commercial Vehicles under one roof. We serve as your one-stop showroom for all the brands, with our inventory including the following models:

  • Mitsubishi Canter 

  • Ford Ranger

  • Nissan Navara

  • Nissan Urvan

  • Chevrolet Silverado

  • Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup

  • GMC Sierra

  • Ram 1500

  • Ford F-150

  • Ford Transit

  • Isuzu FSR

  • Peugeot Partner

  • Suzuki APV

  • Volkswagen Transporter

  • Mitsubishi Rosa

  • Mitsubishi L200

  • Toyota Hilux

  • Toyota Hiace

  • Toyota Coaster

  • Hino 300 Series 

  • Toyota Rush 

  • Isuzu Npr

  • Isuzu D-Max

  • CMC Veryca

  • Hyundai H1

  • Peugeot Expert

  • Volkswagen Multivan

  • Mercedes-Benz V-Class


As one of the most successful car dealerships in the UAE, we have been a part of it for many years. We have a longstanding presence in the UAE and many years of experience in the automotive industry. As a result of our expertise, we can identify our customers' needs and provide them with mobility solutions tailored to their specifications. We have repeatedly demonstrated our expertise throughout the years, and many returning customers have trusted us with their business.


Looking to diversify your business through our SME Commercial Vehicle Finance? We offer used cars & commercial vehicle loans through partnerships with leading UAE banks. (Bank Terms and Conditions Apply). Our team of commercial vehicle sales professionals is here to answer any questions and help you find the perfect commercial vehicle for your business needs.

Explore the comprehensive range of commercial vehicles at First Choice Cars and elevate your business operations with quality, reliability, and unmatched variety.


Where to buy a used van in UAE?

First Choice Cars is a reliable used commercial vehicle dealership in the United Arab Emirates with a large inventory of used vans for sale, including Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urvan, Volkswagen Caddy, Renault Dokker, Volkswagen Transporter, Ford Transit, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Rush.

What types of commercial vehicles exist?

With the United Arab Emirates being a leading hub for the transportation of goods and logistics, there is a wide variety of commercial vehicles available. These include cargo vans, buses, pickup trucks, and customized vehicles designed to transport chilled and frozen goods, such as Toyota Hiace chiller vans and Mitsubishi Canter freezer trucks.

What is the difference between LCV and HCV?

LCV stands for Light Commercial Vehicle, and HCV stands for Heavy Commercial Vehicle. The main difference between the two is in the payload and size of the vehicle.

What is a refrigerated vehicle?

As the UAE has a very hot climate, refrigeration vehicles are one of the most popular parts of any business due to the hot climate. An insulated body is designed to keep temperatures between +15°C and -40°C and all corners and edges of the vehicle body are protected by specially extruded aluminium profiles. A refrigerated vehicle is equipped with a cooling unit to maintain a certain temperature while transporting goods.A refrigerated vehicle is a commercial vehicle equipped with a refrigeration unit to keep its cargo at a specific temperature.

Which types of chiller vans are available in the UAE?

First Choice Cars is one of UAE’s most reliable used commercial vehicle dealership with a large inventory of multiple chiller vans, including some of the popular brands such as Toyota Hiace Chiller Van, Nissan Urvan Chiller Van, Renault Dokker Chiller Van, in a range of body styles, including high-roof vans, standard roof vans, and six-seater vans.

What is a recovery truck?

A recovery truck is a commercial vehicle equipped with towing equipment. It comes in a tilt and slide-back design. Towing capacities range from 3 to 25 tons. The majority of recovery trucks are Mitsubishi Canters or Isuzu NPR.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a collective name given to different services offered to motorists who are stranded for various reasons, including dead battery, flat tire, collision, faulty engine, leaking engine or gear oil, and others.

How to sell commercial vehicles?

Selling with First Choice Cars is the quickest, easiest, and best way to sell your used commercial vehicle. Save yourself time and effort and get a realistic offer for your vehicle based on a thorough assessment by our experts. Bbenefit’s when choosing First Choice Cars:

  • No hassle of advertising your car online
  • No time-consuming process of answering calls and making appointments with potentially not-seriously interested people.
  • No risk of devaluation while you try to sell your commercial vehicle
  • Fair offer, easy process, and quick payment
  • We will settle your mortgage
  • We buy any car around the UAE.
  • We buy for cash on the spot (instant cash)
  • We buy any model, any condition & any mileage.
  • We will come to your location and our specialized and well-trained personnel will render the services.

How to sell with First Choice Cars?

Visit our official website https://firstchoicecars.com/ by using your smartphone or laptop. Tap the ‘sell car’ link at the top of the First Choice cars website. Please fill out our online form. This will help us evaluate your commercial vehicle and give you the current market. First choice cars offer same-day cash, so you’ll get your money straight away. We also provide an array of different payment methods to suit your requirements.

What are the best second-hand vans to buy?

For SMEs, vehicle choice varies based on various factors such as compartment size, payload, engine type, and fuel type. Renault Dokker, Peugeot Partner, Volkswagen Caddy, Toyota Hiace, and Nissan Urvan are considered the most popular vans for SMEs in the UAE*. We offer a huge selection of vans for commercial purposes that will satisfy your business needs. This is based on the number of inquiries received by First Choice Cars.

Can the Mitsubishi Canter body be customized?

The Mitsubishi Canter body can be customized according to the following specifications to meet the customer’s requirements.

  • Mitsubishi Canter Cargo body
  • Mitsubishi Canter Chiller Pickup
  • Mitsubishi Canter Freezer Pickup
  • Mitsubishi Canter Recovery Truck
  • Mitsubishi Canter mounted crane truck

How to register a commercial vehicle in UAE?

The following documents are required to register your commercial vehicle in Dubai:

  • Traffic file of the company, establishment, or facility
  • Copy of the valid trade license
  • Letter from the company signed by the authorized person
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicle technical registration test
  • Ownership certificate (Transfer Certificate within the UAE or electronic Possession Certificate from Dubai)

Is it mandatory for commercial vehicles to be equipped with speed limiters?

Speed limiters are mandatory for all commercial vehicles in UAE as per RTA rules. This is due to the fact that speeding is proven to be the major cause of over 68% of serious road accidents in the UAE. The vehicle control system or speed limiter is designed to help vehicle owners and companies run fleets of mini-buses and other transport vehicles to reduce accidents, injury, and death rates.

How do speed limiters work?

The sensors in your car first detect your speed, then this information is communicated to the engine’s computer. When the pre-determined speed is met, the computer restricts the fuel and airflow to the engine. Therefore, as a driver, you will not be able to exceed the pre-determined maximum speed. However, all speed limiters can be overridden. If there is a need to speed up quickly, pushing down hard on the accelerator will work. Further, it should be clear that this system does not affect the car’s braking system.

What types of mini-busses are required to have speed limiters?

All mini-busses or passenger vehicles in the UAE must be fitted with a Speed Limiter device. The primary reason for this is that passenger/mini-bus vehicles have a higher risk factor and are more prone to accidents because of the number of occupancies. The lists of mini-bus/ppassenger vehicles that require speed limiters are as follows:

  • Toyota Hiace
  • Nissan Urvan
  • Fuso Canter Van
  • Hyundai H1
  • Mitsubishi L300
  • Volkswagen Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter

What type of school buses are required to have speed limiters?

All school buses or any transportation vehicle carrying school students or young children must, without fail, have a speed-limiting device installed. Speed limiters are the primary reason for ensuring road safety and avoiding over-speeding hazards. The lists of school buses that require speed limiters are as follows:

  • Toyota Coaster
  • Mitsubishi Rosa
  • Ashok Leyland Vehicles
  • Nissan Civilian

Should newly established SMEs purchase a brand-new or used commercial vehicle?

There are many reasons why used commercial vehicles will be a wise option for a newly established company. For example, the process of getting an auto loan for a newly established business is quite difficult. Therefore, buying a used commercial vehicle will help you save a lot of money on your initial investment. The reason for buying a used commercial vehicle is that it has a lower depreciation value than a brand-new one, so you can expect the resale value to be generally higher than the book value most of the time.